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The Amazon Business Opportunity Free 11 E-Series will empower you to understand and conquer Amazon Seller. From what is Amazon Vendor vs Amazon Seller to common myths and misconceptions. This comprehensive E-series will cover what we have learned about Amazon while selling over $250,000,000 of products online.
With the E-Series, You’ll Be Able to ...
  • Discover Strategies That Have 3x Returns on Amazon
  • Understand if Amazon Vendor or Seller Is a Better Choice for You
  • Accelerate Your Growth by Avoiding Common Amazon Misconceptions
  • Identify Your Best Route to Amazon success Based on Real-world Experience 
  • ​And Much More...
What is the Amazon Business Opportunity?
  • Why do Consumers Love Amazon Marketplace?
  •  Why Do Retailers Love Amazon Marketplace?
  •  What is the Biggest Barrier to Amazon Marketplace Success?
  •  What is the Best Way to Get Past That Barrier?
Amazon Vendor or Seller? What is Best for Your Business? 
  • Vendor vs. Seller: The Basics
  • Vendor Account Pros and Cons
  • Seller Account Pros and Cons
  • What should I choose Amazon Seller or Vendor?
First Things First, Amazon Strategy
  • What is the Most Important Part of Amazon Marketing? 
  • What Happens Once You’ve Completed the Research?
  • What if You’ve Already Set Up Your Amazon Account?
  • The 3 Core Elements to Selling More on Amazon
  • • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • • Amazon Advertising: Pay-Per-Click & Sponsored Ads
  • So… Why is all this important?
The Amazon Nuts and Bolts
  • Read The Fracking Manual (RTFM) 
  • Plan Your Strategy
  • Research Your Amazon Strategy
  • Know Your Unit Economics
  • Make Your Storefront Attractive
  • Get Superior Reviews
  • Maximize Your Indexing Potential
  • Trademarks are important 
Amazon Mythconceptions
  • What is the Most Important Part of Amazon Marketing? 
  • You Must Invent New Products
  • Amazon is Just Like Any Other Website
  • There Are Already Too Many Sellers for You to Win
  • You Will Be Immediately Successful
  • Only Low Prices Sell Products
  • Success Requires a Huge Number of Reviews
  • Simple product photography is all you need
  • Amazon is made to launch a number of different product lines and categories
Three Routes to Success
  • What is Your Strategy?
  • The Challenges of DIY
  • Using a Freelancer to Market on Amazon
  • Going the Agency Route
Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Forgetting to Collect Sales Tax
  • Incorrect Pricing
  • Incorrect Inventory
  • Having “Close-Enough” Listings
  • Not Making Time for Customer Service
  • Doing It All Personally
  • Analysis
Hiring a Freelancer
  • Lowballing
  • Informal Arrangements
  • Hiring the Prettiest One
  • Hiring a Generalist
  • Poor Communication
  • Analysis
Mistakes of Hiring an Agency
  • Selecting an Agency Without Doing Your Homework
  • Not Knowing How the Account Management & Strategy Works
  • Don’t Nosedive without First Testing the Waters
  • Selecting a Limited Services Provider
  • No Definition of Success
  • Not Keeping Rights to Your Work
  • Working With an Agency That Doesn’t Have a Plan
  • Marketing: Working with an Agency That Isn’t Doing Its Marketing Well
  • Not Knowing What Your Agency is Doing
Key Questions for an Agency
  • How Soon Will I See Results in My Amazon Account?
  • What Might Make These Efforts Go Wrong?
  • What do I need to do from my end to ensure the greatest chance of success?
  • What planning and strategy exercises will be required to get up to speed?
  • What is the most important thing that I can do to ensure that you succeed in helping me?
Okay, So, Now What?
  • Preliminary Questions
  • Identifying Your Needs
  • Final Thoughts
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About the Author
Ryan Flannagan has more than fifteen years of business development, product marketing, and operational experience. He has worked with hundreds of companies to establish best practices, focusing on the 20 percent that produces 80 percent of the revenue. He has been a lifelong entrepreneur. It all started with a pooper-scooper business at age eight, in which he employed neighborhood children to complete the scooping of poop, which his mother quickly made him shut down.
During his tenure at Nuanced Media, he has built a client base that represents a total revenue of over $1.5 billion and has sold over $250,000,000 in online. To date, Nuanced Media’s biggest accomplishment has been making a client $18.5 million in a five-week period, for 5,200 percent ROI.

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